Chandeliers ANDES

A series of chandeliers of molecular shape.

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One of the most popular molecular chandeliers, with a huge spectrum of configurations: from 6 to 20 tubular plafones on the frame of brass or black colors. An unambiguous choice for those who want to make the design of their space not only functional, but also unambiguously modern. Contact our managers for help in selecting your configuration and color.

Materialmetal, glass
Frame colorsgold, black
Dimensions(length × height)
6 lamps105 × 50 cm
14 lamps180 × 82 cm
20 lamps192 × 127 cm
 (D × sh × c)
10 lamps107 × 53 × 53−93 cm
12 lamps130 × 53 × 53−93 cm
16 lamps160 × 70 × 53−93 cm
Type of basementg9


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