Pendants METEORA

Fashionable cascading lamp with glass ingots.

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Looking for a cascading lamp is not the same as everyone else? A meteor lamp with massive glass ceiling on a common ceiling plane is your best find! The appearance of glass meteors is made by designers from natural forms. Each glass component weighs no less — 0.7 kg! And this is far from an unimportant moment! Since it is the weight of the balls that creates a solid and at the same time dynamic appearance of the lamp itself, which greatly distinguishes it from similar models of other manufacturers. Additional spotlights are at the base, highlight the entire composition and create a funny game of light refraction. We will meet the evening a cascade of falling stars! Available to 3, 5, 7, 14 and even 26 lamps. Additional information, please check with our managers!

Materialglass, metal
Dimensions(diameter × height)
3 lamps + 1 at the baseØ 20 × 150 cm
5 lamps + 1 at the baseØ 25 × 150 cm
7 lamps + 1 at the baseØ 35 × 150 cm
14 lamps + 2 at the baseØ 50 × 150 cm
26 lamps + 4 at the baseØ 65 × 150 cm
Ceiling fastening height6 cm
Type of basementg4
Weight 1 ceiling0.69 kg!
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